Richard Lambert has resigned from the NISA Judges and Officials Register

Following threats of legal action from NISA for posting criticisms about NISA on Facebook threats of legal action from Esme Gillon and having supported Skating in the UK tirelessly for the past 9 years, which includes: running the only effective UK Skating website in the UK Judging at NISA Tests Judging at NISA Competitions providing Data Input and Video Replay Operator Services providing training for DIVR in the UK creating the British Synchro Programme 2015 creating the Trophy d Ecosse International Synchro Logo assist with many technical questions for skaters, coaches and parents All of which has been done as a volunteer for free. I hereby resign as a Judge and Official until such time as NISA is run competently as an Association for its Members. In resigning, I d like to add: I am disappointed with the lack of support from fellow NISA Members willing to stand up to NISA. I have yet to meet a single Member who is happy with NISA! I am sorry that Judy Clinton resigned as Judges and Officials Director (under the leadership of Ken Pendry there have now been 5 Director resignations in so many years!) I refuse to put so much work and effort into the support of UK Skating when NISA continues to rule with fear and intimidation tactics. I would also like to state my intention to stand for NISA Financial Director in the May 2016 elections But for the time being I give up, NISA has won!